Golgo 13 #6 (1976) by Takao Saito
Golgo 13 #6 (1976) by Takao Saito
Golgo 13 #6 (1976) by Takao Saito
Golgo 13 #6 (1976) by Takao Saito
Golgo 13 #6 (1976) by Takao Saito

Golgo 13 #6 (1976) by Takao Saito

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Genre: Manga
Language: JP
Condition: Excellent
Pages: 256
Date: 1976
Weight: 0.35 kg

Golgo 13 is a super cool assassin-for-hire, an international man of mystery, and a smooth ladies’ man. The manga launched in 1968 and has continued to this day — even after the death of its creator, Takao Saito in 2021.

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